Webinar: Info Session on the Master’s in Grant Writing, Management and Evaluation

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In this age of pandemic and economic uncertainty, the ability of causes and organizations to fund-raise through grants has never been more urgent. Concordia University Chicago’s Master of Arts in Grant Writing, Management and Evaluation is the premier graduate program in the United States to prepare you to be expert at all aspects of the entire grants process.

This Thursday, June 25 at 12:00 p.m. (CDT). Rekha Rajan, EdD, Program Leader for the MA in Grantwriting, Management and Evaluation, will host a webinar on Zoom to discuss the opportunity that this program offers to its students and the organizations they serve. She’ll also be available to answer your questions.

A Transformational Experience

Graduates of our program are able to write and manage grants that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for the organizations they love and causes they care about. They become the resident experts on compliance and policy to ensure that grantmaking organizations continue giving. (See examples from our students below.)

They are able to get out of dead-end, part-time jobs and build fulfilling careers at life-changing organizations.

They feel confident enough with their new knowledge and skills to become consultants and form their own businesses.

In short, our program gives students the tools and skills they need to make a difference. It provides purpose and gives the opportunity for students to #MakeNowMatter.

The Courage to Say Yes

Which causes do you care about? Do you want to make a difference for them? You have the chance this summer and fall to join our upcoming cohorts. The application process is easy. The only thing you need is the courage to say yes.

Fill out the form below, and within one day we will email you instructions on how to join.

How Our Graduates Are Making Now Matter

Here are just a few ways that our graduates are out in the world making a difference for themselves and the organizations they love:

Lisa L… Has brought in $3 million in grant funding for her nonprofit since graduating last August.
“I am so grateful for the education that I received at Concordia. Since graduation last August, it has been a very busy and exciting time. I continue to work for the same nonprofit agency as a Grants and Contracts Specialist. I have successfully brought in approximately $3 million in grant funding since then, with several other proposals pending. I also was able to write a large federal proposal ($5.3 million). In addition, I have begun an evaluation project for the agency; the first phase is to analyze present processes and help nine of our programs reassess their evaluation processes in order to bring more consistency and accuracy to our performance measurements.”

Alicia B… Raised $100,000 for her nonprofit and went from volunteer to Director of Development
“My capstone project was a full grant application. My original ask was $50,000 and we ended up receiving $100,000! It was our first major award and immediately led to wins with other grantors. I completed this grant as a volunteer grant writer. This did allow me to become a contractor with Code Platoon, ultimately leading to my full time role as Director of Development.”

Susan D… Now oversees compliance and complex policy issues
“About a month before I finished the program, I started a position with a large city government, where I am a Grants Compliance Monitor. I work with agencies across metro government to ensure all federal regulations and requirements are met. I truly believe that all the thought and analysis required for assignments and weekly discussions improved my ability to write policies on complex subjects and to educate program-oriented staff on regulatory minutiae.”

Kate A… Went from working two part-time jobs (one in retail) to to full-time with a major foundation“I love my job” and “I feel blessed.”
“Since graduating, I was hired as a Grant Writer/Program Coordinator at a healthcare foundation in Florida, a position I know my master’s degree was instrumental in helping me obtain. I was working two jobs before the program. While one had been at a small start-up nonprofit, it could not pay enough to sustain a living. The second was in the dregs of retail, a sector I had been struggling to get away from for nearly a decade. Thanks in part to Concordia, I was finally able to. I love my job, my only job, and feel blessed to have embarked on a career I’m passionate about with a future I know will be fulfilling.”

Sherrie B., started her own business
“Since completing the program, I started my own organization writing grants part time.”

Emily M., promoted even before she graduated
“Just before graduation I was promoted to University Research Administrator Grants and Contracts Pre-Award Manager at a major university in Chicago.”

Through this program, students are able to switch to more fulfilling careers and make a real difference for the organizations and causes they care about.

Don’t miss your opportunity. Learn more about this program on Thursday, June 25 at 12:00 p.m.

Fill out the form above, and within one day we will email you instructions on how to join!
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