Exploring Grant Opportunities

Whether you’re new to applying to grants or a seasoned pro, you’re probably continually looking for new funding opportunities.  When searching for grant opportunities, it may help to keep in mind that the sources generally fall into one of four primary buckets including Federal and State-funded grants, Foundations, Corporations, and Private funds.


Federal Grants

To search for federal grant opportunities, your best place to start is Grants.gov.  This website allows you to search for opportunities that may be available to your organization and apply.  Additionally, the site offers a variety of articles and information to aid grant-writers and help them improve.

When searching on this site, don’t just focus on the open grants.  Those that are closed may re-open and provide more opportunities down the road.


Foundation Grants

Generally, Foundation grants are issued by non-profit organizations that exist to provide support to other organizations, generally with a preset mission or purpose.  There are a vast number of foundation grants available if your goals align.  Grantwatch.com and FoundationCenter.org are two great places to start your search but don’t forget about local and industry-specific grants as well.


Corporate Grants

Often, corporations develop funding opportunities for specific missions or the communities surrounding the offices and locations.  While the large corporations in our region may have established a foundation or publically available application process, don’t rule out smaller, regional organizations as well.  These companies likely have philanthropic funds available to support the organizations in their community.


Private Funds

While your organization likely already has a strong group of private supporters, don’t overlook this funding opportunity.  Many individuals like to create endowments or establish planned giving in their estate.  Networking with trust and estate attorneys may open up significant sources that are hard to find.


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